At QualiQuanti, we are constantly re-interrogating our study methodologies. What’s at stake is to offer our clients the best combinations of methodologies to adjust to each specific issue, that which mixes the right methods and concentrates on the most useful information.

Respect for the respondent is also a constant concern of ours : a questionnaire should be an enriching cultural experience for the respondents.

QualiQuanti is a pioneer in online studies (first online studies in 1998, first online qualitative survey in 2004). We re-adjust our methodologies constantly to integrate the benefits of new technologies : mobile studies, communities …

QualiQuanti also offers international mutli-cultural study methods 


QualiQuanti, pioneer in online studies

2010-2014 : Mobile studies, communities

2006 : Publication of the Online Studies book to understand the stakes of online studies 

2004 : 1rst online qualitative study (Bulletin Board)

2000 : Launch of QualiQuanti’s online consumer panel

1998 : 1rst online studies 

Our literature on methodologies  (regularly updated) :

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For more than twenty years, QualiQuanti has been passionately exploring new trends with great receptivity to weak signals, as we believe the strongest leading brands are those which resonate with contemporary cultural trends. We carry out a permanent watch which you can follow on our observatories : 

  Veille brand content

Veille Brand Content : an observatory of Brand Content with more than 3000 international examples 

Logo idées locales

Idées locales : Observatory of innovative local businesses (by QualiQuanti for Pages Jaunes)

Logo Womenology

Womenology: Gender marketing Lab (by QualiQuanti for Aufé

QualiQuanti follows other key trends in various fields thanks to in-depth studies : 

  • Retail via multiple studies on trends in shops : supermarkets, fruit and vegetable, hairdressers, opticians, bakeries, etc. 
  • New technologies via several in-depth studies on uses associated with the evolution of technological devices, études de fond sur les usages associés à l’évolution des technologies, notably for the CNC : the future of connected TV, new modes of consumption of images…
  • Luxury : regular update of a fundamental study on the evolution of luxury codes 

A few examples of trends we follow : 

  • The development of services accompanying consumer goods
  • Retail Renaissance(re-enchanting points of sale)
  • The physiological dimension of brands
  • Atmospheric design
  • Brands’ aesthetic dimension
  • Brands’ ethical dimension : brand responsibility, Care



Semiological analysis : a key method at QualiQuanti

Semiotic analysis is the identification and description of each element of a product or a communication. QualiQuanti semiotic studies review both textual and visual elements to better help identify a brand or corporate strengths and weaknesses, notably compared to other brands and businesses of the industry.

Our analysis are based on :

  • An inductive method based on large corpuses (observation+ semiotic analysis)
  • Capitalization on experience
  • Mobilisation of various disciplines.
  • Symbolic analysis

QualiQuanti’s blog on semiological analysis :

Blog analyse sémiologique

At QualiQuanti, semiotic analysis can be used alone or combined with qualitative studies : they are then meant to enrich the consumer’s perception. We rely on a network of highly regarded experts.