Focus groups preceded by a 2 phase recruitment process

A two phase recruitment process (online pre-recruitment + in-depth telephone interviews by higy-trained recruiters) ensures you of :  

  • a very fine choice of participants, thanks to the online pre-recruitment phase
  • very quick results: the online pre-recruitment field is doable in 24h + the phone selection in 48h.
  • a more economical recruitment (saving on time spent looking for people available matching the criteria)
  • a very fine analysis : the online pre-recruitment survey is analysed prior to the groups, offering a first overview of the study’s results which enable us to better prepare the moderation.

QualiQuanti has a an experienced team, with highly qualified study directors, which all have a high level double training  (clic here to get to know our team)


The Hyperquali®, a long-term online forum

The online quali (Bulletin Board) is an online qualitative study carried out on a long period of time for very rich results. It enables us to gather together on an online plateform 15 to 30 participants for a duration of 1 week to 1 month, or even more.

This qualitative forum offers multiple benefits : 

  • Flexibility in time and location : high participation rates, even with low incidence or otherwise hard-to-reach consumers..
  • A long-term questioning, which enables us to have a complete overview of the subject and to give the respondents the time to go in-depth into the issue
  • An individual AND collective dynamic : the respondent is given access to the other participants’ answers after he or she answers them.
  • An almost unlimited array of multimedia stimuli : the possibility to give the respondents missions to gather richer data (sending photos, videos, visiting a store, testing products…)

How it works  :

  • An adapted private forum software (protected by a password) 
  • A plateform which enables to post internet links, videos, advertisements, logos… with the questions asked to the participants or as pop-up windows  
  • A transcription of the data into Word, Excel, etc.
  • A possibility to follow the participants’s activity and to ask them further questions 


Semi-open high added value questionnaires (quali-quanti®, SpeedBack®)

Quali-quanti® Studies are semi-open questionnaires with high qualitative added value, mixing qual and quant for in-depth results on large populations :

  • A sufficiently closed system to enable quantitative analysis
  • A sufficiently open system to let respondents express their views without being overly influenced.

Quali-quanti® Studies are adapted to various administration modes : face to face, telephone, online, self-administred, and online.

Longitudinal studies, a long-term tool

Longitudinal studies are multi-phases QualiQuanti Studies with take place on long periods of time. They are particularly adapted to product and services tests.

SpeedBack® : a quick and economical study 

The SpeedBack® method enables our clients to have a compelte feedback on a study in a very short delay with having to resort to a heavier study. 

Semiological studies : Sémio-Live® and semiological analysis

At QualiQuanti, we frequently use semiological analysis in our studies. 

Semiological analysis : an in-depth analysis in limited time 

Semiotic analysis is the identification and description of each element of a product or a communication. QualiQuanti semiotic studies review both textual and visual elements to better help identify a brand or corporate strengths and weaknesses, notably compared to other brands and businesses of the industry. Semiological analysis are led by high level semioticians during 3 to 6 hours cessions. 

At QualiQuanti, semiotic analysis can be used alone or combined with qualitative studies : they are then meant to enrich the consumer’s perception.


Sémio-Live® : an anlysis in the presence of the client 

Semio-Live® studies are 3-8 hours live semiotic analysis conducted by a professional semiotician in the presence of the client

Our analyses are based on :

  • The analysis is led by a high-level semiotician (former student of Roland Barthes)
  • Immediate response to your business issue
  • Easy appropriation of the results by the client’s team, who can directly ask questions during the session

The methodology has many benefits. It is :

  • Interactive, giving immediate an response to your business issue. The  Semio-live® study allows clients to get immediate actionable solutions to their business issues or work hypotheses. The semiotician reviews the material you provided him (marketing supports, concepts, strategies, etc.) throughout the whole live analysis. 
  • Budget-friendly, with limited costs and time saved. Provided that the marketing (or advertising) material is ready to be analyzed, a Semio-live® study can be set up very quickly, and provides instant results at a limited cost. The Semio-live® session can be supplemented with further analysis if needed.
  • Creative, thanks to a solutions-oriented session. A Semio-live® analysis is a collaborative session. As many participants (both on the research- and client-side) attend the session, the content is submitted to the analysis of many. Thus, the Semio-live® study can become a creative brainstorm leading to new ideas for future marketing campaigns and product development.
  • Educational, thanks to a great integration of the results. Participating in the live session allows marketers to follow each stage of the analysis in real time, and hear the semiotician’s comments while they visualize the key elements. This part is critical for marketers to get a deeper understanding of the results, and integrate them more easily in their strategy.



The Brand Culture audit® : a 360°decoding of the brand

The Brand Culture® Audit analyses all dimensions of the brand (or the company) to decrypt its logic, its potential inconsistencies and its business opportunities :

Brand Culture Audit




Thanks to our experience in building panels, QualiQuanti has developed a flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution to enable brands and corporate to manage their own online panel..

The benefits :

  • A permanent access to your core target (from 500 to 50 000 individuals)
  • An efficient and cost-effective solution to collect rich data on a given topic

A flexible partnership with QualiQuanti :

  • You are the owner of your panel, and you can manage it independently if you so wish
  • You can also rely on QualiQuanti’s support to manage your surveys