QualiQuanti is a generalist market research company and a research laboratory which aims at stimulating companies’ creativity and helping them anaticipate the future. At QualiQuanti, we a convinced that studies have a real creative potential.



The objective of each of our missions, is to produce meaningful, operational and workable ideas. Observatories, international observation, semiological analysis, analysis of uses, crowdsourcing are methodologies which support creativity.

We give meaning by producing lively, inspiring and stimulating studies for those who implement them. A good study surprizes, sharpens perception, makes one thinkand generates exciting results.

To enhance our studies’ ability to drive creativity, we translate our results in visual and concrete illustrations. Photos, videos, testimonies, documentary research are used to nourish our clients.  



QualiQuanti chose to base its work on the idea of « creative intelligence », an inventive and evolving approach to favour the creation of inventive and relevant solutions.

This signature is the best possible expression of our vision of market research : rather than closed, unalterable processes we prefer flexible methodologiesandinterdisciplinary. Therefore, we made a series of choices in the way we work in order to increase the fluidity of our research, to enhance our capacity to adapt to various problematics, to reduce the frontier between rational and imagination :

  • A cultural vs. a bureaucratic approach
  • An inductive vs. deductive approach
  • A holistic vs. focused approach
  • Light vs. monumental methodologies
  • A tailored, and evolving vs. standardised approach


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