A few milestones in the history of QualiQuanti



Brand culture livre

QualiQuanti modernizes its corporate identity with a new logand new baseline, Creative Intelligence.

QualiQuanti continues its exploration of Brand Content, leading to the larger concept of Brand Culture.

Publication of Building Brand Culture, unlock your brand’s cultural potential, to go further into the understanding of brands.

Pdf white papers about Brand Culture :

  • Managing Brand Culture
  • Strategic Brand content
  • From Brand content to Brand Culture : brand’s cultural potential
  • From Brand Content to Brand Culture : the keys of a successful content strategy


Logo Womenology

Logo idées locales


QualiQuanti expands its activities to editorial consulting to halp brands create content 

  • Creation of the website Womenology with Aufeminin.fr (Gold at the 2012 Marketing Trophee)
  • Creation of the website Idées locales with PagesJaunes : an inventory of the best innovations in local businesses around the word.
  • Creation of Ma maison Eco-confort, a blog about thermal comfort and energy savings with Atlantic.fr.


Capture d’écran 2014-06-06 à 21.38.46

QualiQuanti deepens its expertise on Brand Content.

Publication of Brand Content, how brands become media (Dunod), which sums up the results of our reflections on the subject since 2007.

Creation of a series of websites about Brand Content : a blog, a watch site, a directory, a Trophee.


Chapo blog analyse sémiologique

Semiological analysis is part of QualiQuanti’s key methodologies 

Creation of a blog about the use of semiology in market research


CNC TV connectee

Fundamental studies at the basis of many of QuliQuanti’s fields of expertise :

- new technologies : study on new modes of consumption of images for the CNC, later followed by several studies on related subjects :

  • A study on children and screens for Gulli’s Observatory 
  • A study on legal consumption of cultural content for Hadopi 
  • A study on new uses linked to connected TVs for the CNC

- luxury : a study on the codes of luxury.

- Brand Content : a study on Brand Content, starting point of all of our work on the subject.


Blog recherche marketing

QualiQuanti starts to work and write on market research and methodologies 

These first reflections will later lead to a series of publications :






QualiQuanti develops its own proprietary panels to manage its studies independently.

Creation of Testconso.fr (more than 500 000 panelists today), later followed by other consumer panels :



QualiQuanti is a pioneer in the use of online tools in market research  :

  • First online quali-quanti studies 
  • In 2004, first online qualitative studies (Bulletin Board).



Marketing & Télévision becomes QualiQuanti, a genralist market research company with a strong expertise of the media.

Over time, QualiQuanti’s expertise expanded to all kinds of industries  : consumer goods, B to B, banking and insurance, new technologies, luxury…




Creation of Marketing & Télévision. The company consults for television channels and producers 

Tests of more than a hundred TV shows and dozens of thematic channels during 4 years. 

In-depth study of TV sponsoring with the Sorgem.