QualiQuanti carried out a series of market studies meant to be presented as conferences. Here are a few examples  :


CNC : new ways of consuming cultural goods 

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QualiQuanti regularly carries out studies on new ways of consumption and cultural goods for the CNC  :

  • New uses of videos (2007)
  • Art cinema : the public’s perception of films and cinemas (2006)


Gulli : The relation between children and screens


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QualiQuanti gathered an important number of photos of children interacting with TV and computer screens sent by parents registered on Lagardère’s Youth Panel at a conference organized by the Gulli Observatory and the National union of family associations (Unaf).

Gulli wanted to carry out a semiological analysis of those photos to better understand the relation children have with screens.

Download the complete case.


The Art of dinning confederation : dinning in style and healthy eating


QualiQuanti carried out a study on the influence of dinning atmosphere and uses on French people’s eating habits at the request of the Red Agency and the Art of dinning Confederation. To carry out this study, we chose to organize a bulletin board which gathered together twenty families living in Angers and the Paris region.

This study maked full use of various specificities of online qualitative forums : interrogating people on the long-term, and in situation, interrogating the whole of a household, using photographic testimonies. The possibility of gathering photos associated with comments from the respondents throughout the whole experience is an outstanding advantage promised to a great future. 

Download a review of the study.


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Psychologies Magazine : Communicating on lingerie, a semiological analysis 



QualiQuanti carried out a semiological analysis on advertisements and communication on the lingerie market for the magazine Psychologies.

The presentation of this analysis was completed by the intervention of psychotherapist Alain Héril and of the agency Vue d’ici.

Two documents are available :


Médiapost Publicity : Production of a white paper on consumer magazines 


We wrote on 2013 a two volumes white paper on consumer magazines at Médiapost Publicity’s request.

This publication’s aim was to :

  • analyse a large number of French consumer magazines to highlight this media’s specificities.
  • show the critical role of this media in brands’ relationship to consumers by underlining what kind of interest readers find in these magazines.

The two volumes of this white paper can be downloaded online :