Who are we ?

Created in 1990, QualiQuanti is a generalist market research compagny. We conduct qualitative, quantitative and brand research for various industries in order to deliver  relevant, rich and operational. 

  • High added value qualitative studies, by using social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, NLP, semiotics, etc.)


  • A new approach of quantitative studies, with open-ended questions which take the diversity and richness of the respondent’s answers into account.
  • An expertise in online studies developed since their appearance on the French market (first panel created in 2000).
  • A wide use of new technologies (video, bulletin boards, etc.) 
  • A capacity to guide innovation
  • A capacity to carry out international studies thanks to a network of parteners including an company in Hong-Kong. .

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Brand Content

Brand Content has become a new means to communicate which brands can no longer overlook. 

QualiQuanti has greatly contributed to the emergence of the concept in France and has been carrying out studies and in-depth reflections on brand content for many years. Learn more

Our blogs about Brand Content

Brand content

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Brand culture

While working on brand content, we realised there are many brand manifestations which can’t exactly be called “brand content”: the sensorial, cognitive, corporal and physiological… aspects of brands. Learn more

Brand culture livre

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