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Publication of a downloadable white paper on pop-stores with Klepierre

couvPop-up stores, conquering a new frontier of brand expression : Klépierre,european leader of shopping centers, offers free download of its white paper, writen with QualiQuanti.

Thanks to an in-depth research based on an international watch of over several hundreds of examples, on conversations with consumers and on an exclusive analysis of semiotician Raphael Lellouche, Klepierre brings with this publication true answers to brands in search of visibility and unprecedented experiences for their clients.

With the digital revolution, the strategic question for brands is to establish a strong and direct relation with their clients. The frontier between brand’s communication and sales is blurring. Interactivity is omnipresent in stores, brand experiences enable to sell better and demanding clients expect unprecedented and priviledged experiences : we have entered the pop-up stores era. 

Here is the English version of the white paper for download.

Here is the video presentation of the book


QualiQuanti gives two conferences at the 2016 Printemps des études

Capture d’écran 2016-03-15 à 17.47.45QualiQuanti organises two conferences at the next “Printemps des études” (French professional exhibition for market research) :

Renewing brand plateforms thanks to performativity and brand culture – 14th April, 10:45 AM 

Consumers “perform” brands, as consumption is one aspect of our identity. Performing a brand means growing familiar with it, living with it, adopting its gestures, attitudes, its vision of the world. The conference will be the occasion to show how brands develop culture meaningful cultural worlds which enable consumers to get involved and identify with the brand. What’s at stake for brands is to encourage performativity by using levers suchs as brand content, employees, places, design… We will also explain our methodologies : brand culture audit and brand plateforms. 

To read more about performativity (French) : https://testconso.typepad.com/brandcontent/performativite/

Obtaining inspiring study results thanks to creative intelligence : innovative methodologies (international watches, semio-live, crowdsourcing, intercultural…) : 15th April, 12AM 

Thanks to illustrated examples, we will show how to lead meaningful, operational studies adapted to the current economical context :
- Panoramic studies vs. focused
- The most interesting international watch subjects
- What crowdsourcing brings to studies

We will show extracts of studies on organic food, retail, e-shopping, product innovation, etc… and how studies are a way to become a reference on a subject (pop-up stores, brand content…)

Publication of 3 articles on performativity

The word « performative » was created in 1955 by philosopher John Austin. It is derived from the verb “to perform” and preserves its double meaning of “doing” and “acting”. A consumer performs a brand when he makes it exists through his actions. He lives with brands, appropriates them, adopts attitudes suggested by brands, the social model and culture suggested by brands. 

See a brroader definition on Wikipedia

We have published 3 articles on this fundamental concept in the marketing magazine Influencia (articles are in French) : 

- Studying and mesuring performativity rather than engagement 

How to encourage brand performativity ? 

Performing the brand inside the company

Publication of a study on brand content management

The study led by QualiQuanti in 2014 among more than a hundred brands has been published ! 

Here is a link to access the results (in French) 


Management of brand content by The Club des Annonceurs and QualiQuanti 

QualiQuanti released a book “Strategic Brand Content”

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QualiQuanti carries out a prospective study on promotions with ECR France

ECR shopper


Since ECR’s first shopper study in 2011 on how consumers perceive promotions, those have changed. Their influence stabilized at 19%, their messages got clearer, their nature changed – in part thanks to new technologies enabling personalization.   

ECR France asked QualiQuanti to actualize their 2011 shopper study. The aim was to identifies keys to organise promotions with give the shopper, the shops and the brands high added value. 


The English version of our book Brand Culture is now available

Our first book Brand Content (2009) sets the stage, Building Brand Culture shows you how! 

Unlock your brand’s cultural power to drive innovation and let our examples and testimonials help you:

  • Identify cultural sources and modes of expression;
  • Leverage powerful brands’ cultural strengths;
  • Reinforce cultural resonance to bolster customer uptake;
  • Manage brands and cultural diversity in today’s global economy. 

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.